Project Development 01

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It has been wonderful to spend the last three days hearing about past works, present ideas and future projects. At this stage we would like ask each of you to present here on Site Lesvos under Project Development some reflections and ideas about your plan for your intended project:

  1. At this time, what are the underlying themes and questions you are asking or that are driving your project? *
  2. What methodologies, tools and media do you intend to use?
  3. Propose a timeframe to develop your work in the remaining time here in Lesvos

We will be discussing this in the evening groups session on Thursday, 1 August, and we would like to have these answers posted on the website by then.

* PS: If you are part of a group project, then you could also reflect on your role in the group, or how you will use the same material / encounters for your different outcomes

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