A reflection to these questions…

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by Georgios, Ero and Male after two early morning walks around Metochi.

welcoming the daylight

A first question is how could we share our walking experience and what and whom is involved on it.

How can we share it as multi-sensoral as it feels?

Walking needs its time as Mr Panopoulos mentioned in his presentation. Our methdology is based on walking and creating familiarity with the path, its other users, people and animals we meet, situations we pass by. Our intention is to experience this path also in different times and different directions.

We use to talk with the people we meet, at least to say good morning. To start getting familiar one to another. Today it was the first day that actually one of the shepherds came to us and said that when he heard his dog barking, he thought it could be us walking by his stable, and went out to watch us walk by. We understood that if people start recognizing us, it is a way of feeling more comfortable with us and start creating a zone of sharing. Thus, we thought of focusing in the path Metochi-Dafia-Myrsiniotisa-Leimonos.

We use to take capture the sounds that follow our path by recording them. Take photos of the landscape as it gets slighlty lighted and some situations we met on the way.

Finally, when it comes to the timeframe, we propose that our walks can be done early morning (approximately 5-9 o’clock) and late afternoon (approximately 7:30-9:30), due to the heat.

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