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When I arrived at Metochi I had already a specific idea in my mind about what I wanted to further elaborate at Kalloni area. Being here though, seeing and live the place in person brought to the surface many new interesting themes. 

I was highly impressed by the many transitions I could observe in Kalloni town and the surrounding areas. From asphalt roads to gravel roads, from highly commercial streets to small village streets. I therefore, started reflecting on the idea of transition and how can this theme be observed more specifically in the area. 

The concept of transition or liminality has been studied extensively by many anthropologists such as Arnold van Gennep and Victor Turner. ‘Liminality’ describes what occurs in the middle phase of a passage from one phase to another. I intend to dig further into this concept and try to understand it better in order to apply the existing theories on my research. Being in a place with many scholars of the field nearby is a great opportunity to do that. 

With the aforementioned concept in my mind, yesterday morning we decided to cycle to Skala Kallonis with Panos Panopoulos. Panos showed my around the village showing me interesting parts of the village whereas this transitions was presented. Finally we went to visit a place just outside the village which attracted my attention instantly. We were on a gravel road just outside the village and then suddenly, a strange, majestic building appeared in front of us. It was a big building that didn’t actually fit the area. It was a super big, fancy structure, with swimming pools, palm trees and eucalyptus (not a common vegetation on the island). A club of the 90s showing the temporal prosperity of the island back to this time. The club was named ‘Makara’ and now is an abandoned place with many interesting stories to tell.

In the next week left  I would start interviewing people about this place and I will try to gather as much information about it. I will later start research online to see what is available and lastly, I will visit the place several time to see what the place can tell me itself. I intend to work with a different medium like film, photography, and recordings, but also with drawings and objects collection.

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