The journey into handicrafts

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Before I came to Lesvos I had the cultural heritage- embroidery/handicrafts in particular in mind to explore, so my plan was to find ladies that I can talk with about embroidery, sharing experiences and getting answer for my main question of what the embroidery means for them? I tried to find embroidery shops as a starting point in my project. During my trips to Skala Kalloni, Kalloni and Mytilene, I found some embroidery shops that I had short conversations with the ladies who work there. I also sat down in a café with a thread and a needle and I started to embroider to make myself recognized by the other women there, they didn’t recognize me at all, though I tried to talk with them. Our communication was a little bit special, the lady I talked with doesn’t speak English though we were able to communicated

Then I was lucky to meet Olympia who I love to call her- the lady of the embroidery. I visited her museum with the rest of the group. And then I told her that I liked the embroidery that she showed us, and I asked her if she would like to teach me to embroider. I’ve visited Olympia in her house with Emma and Justine. And there we met her husband, we enjoyed their company; we chatted while we embroidered, Emma has filmed the visit and Justine has done translation. I will make a portrait for Olympia and I will send it to her later. Olympia and her husband have a strong love story, that inspired me to go bake to Mytilene to meet a couple that do ceramic together for almost 10 years. I took photos and filmed parts of my journey into exploring the embroidery in Lesvos.

In the remaining time I would make contact with the couple who do ceramic and I would love to spend time with them and do a piece of ceramic with them. It would be nice to find women who are doing white wash and who reads the cup, but at the same time I feel that I need to use more time for writing and sketching.

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