Follow-up after Lesvos

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Dear all, here’s the presentation that was made on Friday 9 August about the follow-up after Lesvos, regarding:

  • Supervision and progress of project from now and until exam / submission
  • Submission of work / exam 10 & 14 October
  • Opportunities to exhibit your work at Ethnofest in Athens, 26 November – 1 December (Applying for grant by 15 Sep)

Please see the video if you weren’t there (and maybe also to refresh your memory), and the pdf of the slides here. In the video, I have inserted the slides to make it easier to follow. You may also have the pdf next to the video to study it on your own.

Video password is: sitelesvos.
If the embedded video below doesn’t work, then go to

A general advice in this phase is: Please do not see the process from now until the submission for exam (10 October) as generating something ‘new’, something different from what you have already started in Lesvos. Rather, try to see it as a refining, perhaps narrowing, of this work, plus reflection on the work and material that you have already made / collected / documented / generated in some way or the other.

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