Embroidery and pattern

Christina V. Schiørn


During my 3 years at UiA, I have been touched on sowing and embroidery every year. I am using textile and embroidery in my Bachelor-assignment. Embroidery in Norway has changed very much from classic embroidery as we know it on tablecloths and pictures, into for example, “guerilla” embroidery. I would like to learn more about the old ladies in Hellas who sell beautiful embroidered tablecloths. Is this tradition still “alive” on Lesvos today? When the old ladies stop this tradition, are there anyone who takes over or will it disappear with their generation? Is it still the same old stitches they sew or has embroidery in Greece also been affected by all that’s happening there. Have they started with “Guerilla” embroidery on their tablecloths in Greece?

I would love to see and be a part of the process of embroidery in Lesvos, or collecting the history of embroidery or pattern used in embroidery and for decorating.

What it will end up in I am not sure, will it be a film or picture with embroidery? Or a tablecloth?

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