Assignment 0: Bisai I.,Tsiganos S., Gianniri K.

Klairi Gianniri

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Team Presentation

The team consists of an artistic duo (Bisai Ionian & Tsiganos Sotiris) and a researcher (Gianniri Klairi).

The three of them collaborated this year for the first time, in order to produce an artistic video concerning the life in the village of Anatoli (Crete) and the way modern life has transformed it. After three years of eth- nographic research in the village, the video comes to express recent concerns in an alternative way by using an interactive procedure.
The collaboration between artists and researchers raised questions on how art and ethnography can evolve together in community based projects and engage locals in a discursive way. Moreover, we are interested to explore the role of new media within this process and how they can contribute to the social engagement. The three of them are motivated to give answers to those questions. Therefore, Lesvos is going to be a fruit- ful environment, due to its considerable genius loci and its recent history. These attributes can help the team to explore contemporary issues, concerning the interpretations of recent events and the stance of the local voices in the center of the   discourse. In addition, they’re particularly interested to observe the procedures themselves within the course, to incorporate people’s point of view and decode the bipolar between the ob- server and the subject of observation. Moreover they are interested in revealing the way a place embodies evidence through images and stories. Their project aims to act as a stimulus in the discovery of the constantly reinvented identity through past and possible futures.


Klairi Gianniri

Ethnographic projects in Naxos island, Anatoli village (Crete) & Steinhöfe (Germany).

Klairi was born in Chios. She has a background in Cultural Communication and Technology (University of Aegean, Lesvos) and in Social and Cultural Anthropology (Freie Universität, Berlin). She holds an MA in Museum Studies (Department of History and Archaeology, University of Athens) and her PhD, in the same department, focuses on the public archaeology of mountain and remote communities. She has participated in numerous research projects and archaeological excavations, in recent years leading the archaeological ethnography project in Anatoli village (Crete). She’s the founder of ArchaeoLogic, a public archaeology festi- val in Hierapetra region of East Crete.


Bisai Ionian & Sotiris Tsiganos

Sotiris (left) and Ionian (right), still frame from Latent Community/NEROMANNA.

Sotiris Tsiganos and Ionian Bisai are visual artists (School of Fine Arts) and they are focused on research- based projects. Their work is an investigation on the critical reading of under-documented narratives and how these twist through new contexts. In particular, they explore the aftereffects of fading social events that clamor for our understanding, looking for the intersection of culture and politics. Their filmic production is a blend of documentation, cinematography and archive, and draws on contemporary lens-based aesthetics and theories.

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