Rogelio López Cuenca ¨Mapa de Valencia¨

Image: Rogelio López Cuenca “Mapa de Valencia”

“(…) An atlas is a synoptic presentation of differences: you see one thing and a very different thing close to this. The aim of an atlas is to make you understand the link, which is not a link of similarity but a secret link between two different things. And so the atlas is a more visual tool than the archive. Atlas is a work of montage in which different times come together. It’s a shock.”

George Didi-Huberman

My project consists on drawing a map of the visited area where I would trace four different routes with different colors. In order to find a solution for the representation of the pluralities concurring in the area, I will differentiate groups depending on the reason of why they are there: the locals, who live there because they want, they born there, they work there or they made a decision to be there; the migrants, who are there with the intention to go to another place and do not want to be there; the tourists, who are there for pleasure, to enjoy themselves for a certain period of time, and the visitor artists, including myself, who are there to carry out a field research that will lead into an art project. The traced routes would point to the places visited by the differentiated groups, showing parallel paths that certainly interlace. The aim of this map, intending it better as an atlas, is to lead to a better understanding of differences and meeting points of the physical experiences. Taking advantage of the possibilities of the atlas, the (un)connected net will be constructed on a panel/wall in constant transformation. It would include documentation of specific sites and people, in the form of video, photography, sound record or sketchbook.

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