Stories in movement

Argyro Daskalaki

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I am Ero Daskalaki and I grew up in the island of Crete. Some “weird” neighbors accompanied my childhood’s curiosity and enabled questions about my cultural “truths”. Later, I started studying Social Anthropology and History in the island of Lesvos. These studies helped my curiosity shape into questions. The last year, I have been working on the public sculpture of Kastoria for my thesis. I am interested on the relation between the stability of sculptures and the dynamic affect of collective memories on them. Moreover, I have been working as an intern on a collection of puppet theater from around the world in the Ambulant Museum, a project held by Sovint in Valencia. My interest is on their enlivement and their cultural history.

Genrally, I am interested on movement, touch and non-verbal communication. More specifically, I am questioning on how bodies remember their liquid form, enter, exit each other and share weight between them. Further, I wonder on how bodies are placed in their surrounding and how they transform it and getting transformed. When it comes to Lesvos, I would like to  work on daily walking paths people make in the surroundings of Metochi, follow their paths and communicate with them. Where are they going? Finally, I wonder of how their surrounding remembers the multiplity of its passengers. It is an idea, suggested in collaboration with my partner Georgios Paliatsios. We are open on how it will transform according to the team and the circumstances.

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