Justine Arvanitis

Justine Arvanitis

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Hello from Syros island!

My studies were in Anthropology, History and Documentary. My interests are unlimited just like they were when I was a child, (I lost my way when orthological thinking hit me but I am finding it back every day), and thus Anthropology was the best science for me! After wearing my Anthropological glasses my interests got heightened and I deeply believe I will be wearing them until the end.. I really love telling stories and I think this is the common element I find between me: writing, filmmaking or guiding in a tourist-tour.

My Master’s thesis was about how to make a documentary using anthropological tools but in an experimental level as I tried to create new means and new ideas from zero. This “summer course” appeared to me (not by chance) exactly after I finished my Master’s and I found its description very similar to what I tried to do in my thesis. I have lived in Lesbos island for 5 years and I have returned there to complete my second diploma.. so for me this place is “soaked” with memory. The reason I am participating in this course is because I want to explore the multifaceted meanings of past, present, future and memory in a place (Metochi) and in a situation (You) I will be experiencing for the first time.

I want to leave aside objectivity (for once!) and try to observe the “outside” in a way that it will allow me to understand myself better. I want to observe the layers and the filters and the contrasts through which I “see” (smell, touch, hear, see, taste, feel) and understand the world in one or another way. For this reason I intend my work to be more reflexive and start from focusing on the background in order to see clearer the person in the foreground.

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