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Camilla Dahl

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Lesvos threads – How to do fieldwork in a traumatized field?

During my stay at Lesvos June 2018, I had to change my artistic practice from social ethnographic fieldwork to a more autonomous way of working. I had been collaborating and working with refugees in my artistic practice in Norway, and I wanted to elaborate on that practice in Lesvos.

I started out meeting people, I really wanted to make these meetings into art, but my experience was that to do that in a correct manner was impossible because of lack of time, relevant preparations and experience, and because I was part of a larger group of students, artists and teachers/researchers.

In the middle of my stay I therefore changed my practice and started mapping the terrain on Lesvos instead of meeting people. I visited places connected to the refugee crisis, took photos and collected small artefacts I found on the beach by Eftalou.

The work exhibited here is a result of that process. The stories I heard, the losses, the sorrow, the nightmares and the hopes of the people I met. I was unsure about making and presenting these prints, but if I didnĀ“t it would also be wrong. The prints published here are sketches from this process.

02.11.18 Camilla Dahl


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