Marias Project – Lesvos scetch diary/artist book

Maria Hareide

My project for this trip to Lesvos is to make an “Artist book” that displays my experiences, my surroundings and the people that I meet during our stay. The Artist book will be a sketch-book that I will fill with drawings and small texts that illustrates and underlines the different experiences and places that I find fascinating. My goal with this Artist book is to make it so that when you look and read through it, you will also experience some of the things that I did, and therefore understand some of what Lesvos was for me, without me having to tell you. The Artist book, or sketch-book will almost function like my personal diary that I will keep with me at all times, drawing and writing everything that I come across that catches my eye. Because of this I do not need to meet any specific people, or see any specific places. I will stay open for any opportunity that comes my way, and go along for walks or daytrips with my classmates. I am also open for any tips about places to go to, or people to meet. My project will be formed by the people I meet, and the places I see and I am therefore very open for input from everyone. When I say that my project will be formed by the people I meet, I mean that people I encounter during this stay in Lesvos can and will have a direct inpact on my project in such a way that they will influence me to go places, or inspire me to draw them or things that they point out to me. When this happens I will ofcourse mention their influence on my project so that they also become a part of my Artist Book.

The artist José Naranja(Thanks for the tip Camilla E!) is an artist who’s work is not only beautiful but also very similar to what I had envisioned for my project. His journals filled with small drawings and text almost overlapping each other is exactly what i hope my skechbook will end up looking like. Although mine will be only pecildrawings and writing, without any colouring. Atleast that is what I envision at the moment. If the need to colour becomes necessary, I will consider it. Here is a link to his work:

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