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Paliatsios Georgios

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Hello everybody! I am Georgios Paliatsios from Kastoria – Greece. I am both educator and artist. I graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1999-2004). I hold a Magister on arts (Academy of Fine Arts of Beograd, 2005-2007) and a MA on Phychopedagogy (Pedagogical Faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). Currently I am working for my PhD studies in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of West Macedonia University in Greece.
As educator I specialized on the education of people with disabilities and on adult education. I am working from 2004 at public secondary education of Greece on top of art and pottery workroom for teens with disabilities and in different programs at adult education.
As artist I explore the adaption of art in different environments and situations. As a result of this, my artwork characterized by diversity and varies from clay micro-sculptures and mixed media drawings, to interactive installations and social interventions. Many of my recent artworks have a research intention, allowing often natural phenomena and time to affect on my “potential artworks” or even allowing my intervention group to drive the art progress. The creative procedure of the artwork usually is my main interest.
I have taken part in many different exhibitions, meetings-events and seminars internationally, both for art and education as I enjoy meet, interact and cooperate with different persons.
What I was thinking for this program in Lesvos is to feel firstly our residency area in Metochi and observe the human activity there. I am interesting especially for those who are walking the surroundings. Then I was thinking to approach those people, walk with them, note down their walking paths and collect their stories as a kind of material for a following intervention…

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