Sappho Blue


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Sappho Blue



dancing between Norway, Greece and Scotland.

somewhere between poetry, ethnography and drag

a homoerotic, sensual, queer love affair

with blue

with Sappho

with the audience

in the sea



Sappho blue is a performative exploration of the sea and the people who live alongside it. The research project was conducted during a two week residency in Lesvos, Greece with the performance realised in Kristiansand, Norway in November 2018.

The research was conducted through multi-modal ethnography featuring; interviews; workshops; film; photography; and sound recordings of the sites and people of Skala Kalloni & wider Kalloni Gulf, Eressos and Mytilini’s Port Point

Further research and rehearsal was conducted in a tenement flat; a dance studio; and a civic rehearsal studio  in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Performance by: Will Stringer

Costume design: Katrin McNaught

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